Google has announced the launch of a series of publications designed to demonstrate the value of SEO. The posts will describe successful SEO cases.

The target audience for these publications is business owners who need additional arguments to make sure that SEO is a good investment.

“We want people to learn about these success stories, and we are starting a new series of posts that will present the results of case studies,” the company said.

How SEO helped increase the number of registrations by 93%

The first Google-published case outlines successful search engine optimization results for Saramin, South Korea’s largest job site.

This work was started in 2015 and in the first stage nothing was used except the Search Console.

A whole year has been spent on finding and fixing scan errors detected by GSC. This alone led to an increase in organic search traffic by 15%.

Inspired by the first results, Saramin decided to increase investments in SEO.

The next step was to study the search guides on the Google Developers website and the articles in the Search Console Help Center.

Saramin then focused on implementing gradual changes, including:
· Removing poorly written and unhelpful meta tags;

· Using rel = canonical and removing duplicate content;

· Applying appropriate structured data.

The implementation process for these changes also included the use of additional Google tools: Structured Data Testing Tool, Mobile Friendly Test, AMP Test and PageSpeed Insights.

In the end, virtually all errors in the indexing report were resolved, and gradual changes led to a faster increase in search traffic.

At the peak of the hiring season in September 2019, Saramin traffic doubled compared to the previous year.

In addition to the growth of organic traffic, its quality has also been improved. Thanks to this, Saramin managed to achieve an increase in the number of new registrations by 93%, and conversions - by 9%.

Case posts will be published on Google’s official webmaster blog, the Google Webmaster Central Blog.