The Google Play app store talked about the latest updates related to the global coronavirus epidemic.

Increased application verification period
Currently, verification of an app takes longer than usual, which is 7 days or longer. Google assured that this is a temporary solution. But that’s how it works now.

In order to provide users with reliable information about the distribution of COVID-19, priority is given to those applications that are published, approved or developed with the participation of official government agencies and healthcare organizations. The verification period will remain the same for such applications.

Application page design guidelines
Apps that describe COVID-19 or related concepts will be published only if they are created with the participation of official government agencies or healthcare organizations.

Moreover, in such applications it is forbidden to use any monetization models: internal purchases, advertising or fundraising.

If the application does not meet these requirements, it will not be published.

Incorrect reviews deletion
Due to the increase in traffic, users more often began to assess applications unreasonably with low ratings. Such reviews can be marked as incorrect in the Play Console.

Google Play now quickly and more accurately identifies and removes such reviews in order to speed up the processing of requests.

Subscription support
The COVID-19 pandemic most hit the applications of those companies that were significantly affected by the spread of coronavirus infection. This includes agencies that sell tickets to events, as well as applications that offer various services.

Those developers whose business has suffered in connection with the current situation, can take advantage of features such as deferred payment or suspension of subscription. This will help maintain the audience right to the end of the crisis.

If the application offers content or services related to medicine, online education or maintaining good health at a reduced price or for free, then Google Play payment system functions such as price changes and refunds will help the developers.

More detailed recommendations can be found in the company's post on the Medium platform.

In conclusion, Google Play also noted that they will try not to make many changes so far to support companies during the epidemic:
«We thoroughly monitor the development of the situation so as not to introduce too many changes and prohibitions, as we understand that what is happening already greatly affects your business».