You decided to earn some money making copywriting/rewriting, but you still do not fully understand the way it works, what is the difference between a common SEO copywriting and copywriting and how to copywrite/rewrite texts, then let’s try to figure it out all together.

Basic terms:
Copywriting is the creation of text based on your knowledge or studied (processed) material.
Re-writing is the processing (retelling) of already finished article (source code).
SEO-copywriting is writing an article (mostly of an advertising nature), with the inclusion of keywords in the text.
The copywriting / rewriting / content exchange is a place (website on the Internet) where unique texts (articles) are created and executed by orders: customers leave their task on the stock exchange with the specification of certain requirements and the price for its implementation, the performers accept the orders and when they are finished with the article they get paid for this.

How is do copywriting?
Copyright mean the author’s right. That is, if you are doing copywriting, it means writing your own unique texts on certain topics. Thus, when working for the exchange company that does unique content and carry out the copywriting task, you transfer the work to the customer and all the rights to use it (after the text is transferred to the customer, you do not have the right to publish your article somewhere or transfer it to third parties).
In order to perform the work on copywriting, you need to read the task of the customer paying special attention to any details, get acquainted with its theme and requirements. After that, if you are well skilled on the topic, you just start writing the article "from yourself" (so you will save time and get 100% uniqueness). It should contain an introductory part, the main questions of the assignment, and at the end you include a logical conclusion.
If the topic in the assignment is not well known to you, you are looking for material on the Internet or in other sources (it is desirable to find at least three articles on the same topic). After reading the material found, start composing your own text (preferably from memory). It is best to make a plan of the article in advance and carry out the work according to your plan.
To get a high-quality copyright, write the article following these instructions: read one paragraph from the source material and write your own paragraph, then the paragraph from the second source, and so on (do not get stick to one sentence, otherwise you'll have to work hard to improve the uniqueness of the text). The main thing for you is to remember that copywriting is not just copying or paraphrasing someone else's text, you need to apply a little imagination when creating a text.

How is make SEO-copywriting?
What is a SEO-copywriting and how does it differ from ordinary copywriting?
The most important difference between these concepts is their goals. So, for example, the main task of SEO-copywriting is to increase the position of the website and the number of visitors to the Internet resource by including keywords into the text. In fact, SEO-article is the same author's work, but it promotes a specific product aimed at a certain audience and written for search engines.
How to write a quality SEO article? The principles of writing SEO texts are the same as doing regular copywriting (learn at least 2-3 sources, draw up a plan for your work and write the article "paragraph by paragraph"). Keywords should be evenly distributed throughout the text, but do not overuse them in the article, avoid tautology, the text should be easy and readable. Keywords are recommended to be bold and underlined.

How to make rewriting?
Since rewriting involves retelling of the text, the following points must be taken into account for writing it:
- your finished article should preserve the meaning of the source material;
- you should not exclude important details from the text;
- it is not necessary to add facts that do not correspond to reality or distort the meaning of the source text;
- headings and subtitles of the text are obligatory to be changed.
If you want to get a quality unique rewriting, you are also advised to change the structure of the narrative of the text in addition to all of the mentioned above: if the original material was narrated by a deduction principle, then you should do it vice versa in your own text.