Google will allow users to hold video calls in Meet and join video calls in the service from Gmail. This was told by Google Vice President for G Suite Javier Soltero (Javier Soltero) in an interview with Reuters.

Another change will be the addition of a Zoom-style gallery to the Google Meet interface for corporate users and educational institutions.

These changes will be implemented due to the rapid growth of the service against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The new gallery will display up to 16 meeting participants on one screen. This feature will be launched later this month. Unlike Meet, Zoom allows you to see up to 49 conference participants at a time.

What the integration between Meet and Gmail will look like is shown in the screenshot below:

According to Google, Meet’s daily audience has increased by 2 million users per day in recent weeks.

Last week Google expanded the period of free access to Meet premium features. Initially, they were open until May 31, and now they will be available until September 30.

It should be recalled that the Google Meet video conferencing service used to be called Hangouts Meet. It’s got a new name this year.